Family Mediation

We assist the people in reaching their own decision on a settlement of the dispute in their private and family life

We provide family mediation services in three biggest Lithuanian cities Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda.

The relations between the people in their private and family life are special and complex. Mutual trust, respect, caring for one another is the foundation of the family. This is the part of a private life where the law is often unable to deal with the essence of this kind of disputes. The unresolved disputes between family members, the same as the long running legal disputes, become the hindrance to a personal life that does not allow moving on.

The law states that the courts and other institutions shall seek that the parties to a family dispute resolve their dispute peacefully by mutual agreement, and shall help the parties in every possible way to reach such an agreement.

We are confident that by combining our psychological and legal knowledge, professional experience and personal skills in the area of family relations, being adherent faithfully to our professions, we can help the parties to reach an agreement on peaceful settlement of their family dispute.